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Canada Games - 2013

Canada Games training is a four year cycle. The 2009 Canada Games cycle is over this August and it is the time to look at the next set of athletes.

In 2013, athletes are expected to be males and females born in 1995, 1996, 1997, or 1998. There are twelve weight categories, so it is the ideal sport for very small and very large athletes. PEI did not have full male or female teams in 2009. Everyone is encouraged to try out for the next games.

Wrestling is a great off season sport for soccer players, rugby players, football players, and other summer sports.

Just remember, it is the journey that is the fun part of wrestling or in any other sport; the Canada Games are just a tournament. It is meeting new friends, visiting new places, and learning new skills that is important.

I hope to see many new young athletes trying out wrestling over the next year.

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